About us

Dear clients and partners!

We are happy to cooperate with you providing households and pest control professionals with the ecological control and management systems. 
People are paying more and more attention to ecological and nature friendly living. 

It is very important that we are able to offer one of the best solutions - eco-friendly and poison-free glue traps for different types of pests in houses, gardens, social and industrial buildings. 

Family owned company Sitno Ltd is a European company specialized in manufacturing of all types of glue traps. Sitno Ltd. is well known in the pest control industry. We were founded relatively recently in 2002, but we are growing very fast with certainty. Today Sitno Ltd. exports to more than 20 countries around the world supplying customers with the high-quality, effective and non-toxic pest control products.  

We are sure of the production quality and safety of Sitno products, as  the best professionals and raw material manufacturers of Europe are our suppliers. To be able to increase the variety of options for our customers, we are developing manufacturing technologies and capacity. Our goal is to offer high quality products for competitive prices.

We can make future closer all together. Forever green.

Sincerely yours, Milan Rehak