The household pest monitoring products are developed for pests that infiltrate mainly home environment: moths, flies, cockroaches and silverfishes. Nevertheless, the products go beyond protecting households. They can also be utilised in various public facilities: restaurants, shops, offices and other public spaces.



Pantry moth trap

The pantry moth trap is suitable for attracting and catching cacao moth (also known as tobacco and warehouse moth), flour moths, almond moths, Indian mealmoth, raisin moths and most other food moths.

Clothes moth trap

The clothes moth trap is suitable monitoring solution for attracting and trapping the common clothes moth.

Windows fly trap

The window fly trap is designed to attract, trap and hold flying insects.

Cockroach trap

The cockroach trap is suitable for pest monitoring in a wide variety of settings, both private and public spaces.

Silverfish trap

The trap is suitable for catching silverfish and other crawling insects for pest monitoring in a wide variety of settings, both private and public spaces.


Plants need not only water, fertilizers and sun for healthy development, but also protection from flying and crawling insects. SITNO offers pesticide-free plant protection ranging from small plant pots to greenhouse size plantations. The products can be used by indoor or outdoor gardeners, orchardists and greenhouse.



Yellow sticky decors

The yellow sticky traps are an effective method for monitoring insects indoors and outdoors. These traps help with detecting early pest infestations. The product comes with wooden sticks.

Chromatic traps

The chromatic traps are an effective tool in biological crop protection. The main idea behind the chromatic trap is that specific insects are attracted to specific colours. Therefore, we offer 6 colours for different species of insects.
The product comes with a twistwire for hanging.

Tree glue band

The tree glue band is used for protecting trees from crawling insects such as aphids, ants and caterpillars. These glue bands protect trees in the spring, when winter moth caterpillars hatch. A wire is included to fix the band around the tree.

Delta trap

The delta trap is intended for different delta moth monitoring. It consists of a material that is water resistant and long-lasting, a sticky glue pad, a pheromone lure and a metal hanger. The sticky trap and lure can be replaced in 6-8 weeks.


Flies are one of the common causes of transmission of various diseases in agricultural environment, this is why we have developed ways to protect stable animals and people working with them. The products may be used in stables, barns, pigsties, garages and commercial premises.


Fly glue roll

The fly glue roll has specifically been developed for fly control in cattle houses, stables, pigsties, kennels and commercial premises. They are an effective pest monitoring method against insecticide resistant flies. The flies are attracted by the shape of the flycatcher and visual effects (contrasts), and then firmly trapped on the glue surface.

Fly sheets

Suitable for controlling flies in cattle houses, stables, pigsties, kennels and commercial premises. Effective against insecticide resistant flies.


The PCO product line is developed specifically for professional pest control services. The products are designed for industrial and production premises for optimal hygiene management in the manufacturing environment.


Glue boards

We offer a wide variety of glue board sizes from different materials, making our glue boards fit for many insect light trapping systems.

Insects Monitors

The high performance insect monitor pads are suitable for insect monitor systems.

Glue roll "NO ENTRY"

“NO ENTRY” is an effective pest management solution for the food industry. The glue strip can be customised by cutting the length and/or adding extra baits to the sticky surface.

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